Reviews of Past Workshops

Workshop: Yoga 101
Client: Michael L
Feedback: Tayler did a wonderful job introducing me to my first yoga class. She made all anxiety disappear and replaced it with loving-kindness and compassion.

Workshop: Movement As Medicine
Client: Trina W
Feedback: Tayler’s movement workshop was very unique – in a good way. It was more than an extended yoga class. She challenged us to try different/new ways of moving our bodies; to figure out which kinds of movements work best for each of our individual bodies. Tayler’s very effective at conveying useful nuggets of info/wisdom that we can take out of the yoga room and apply to our general lives. I always learn something new when I attend one of Tayler’s yoga workshops. As an added bonus, Tayler’s style is fun and light hearted. She reminds us that practicing yoga doesn’t have to be so serious all the time.

Workshop: Movement As Medicine
Client: Brian T
Feedback: The level of Tayler’s knowledge and communication ability during the clinic we’re exceptional. The concept of movement and improving the ability to move was conveyed in a new and useful manner.