Private Sessions

Get One-on-One Attention!

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Historically, yoga began as a practice between a guru and the student. Many yoga students {usually unknowingly} continue that practice today by booking a private session with a yoga instructor.

With these one-on-one sessions with me, you’ll get to choose what exactly it is you would like to work on or towards and it will be at a time that you choose! Some examples of intentions may include {but are certainly not limited to}:

  • Learning about healthy alignment of foundational or advanced poses
  • Designing a practice around weight-loss, stress reduction, anxiety, etc.
  • Opening up specific areas of the body that have gone through traumatic experiences. Read my story of opening up here.
  • Cultivating balance and core strength {SUPER important as you age!}
  • Getting assists and adjustments throughout an entire yoga session
  • Learning how to modify a practice while healing from an injury
  • Providing an introduction to yoga without the intimidation of a full class
  • Trying a new or unfamiliar style of yoga

In addition, sometimes a group of people may want to book a private group session to celebrate a wedding or birthday, create more mindfulness and health in the workplace, build a family practice together, etc.

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If you are interested in setting up a private session with me, fill out the form below and let me know what you are interested in covering. I will usually reach out to you within 24 hours!