How to Start an Early Morning Yoga Routine Without Losing Out on Sleep

Early morning yoga is energizing, refreshing, and sets the tone for a well-centered day. Here are a few tips to get your practice started!

Lessons On The Mat – Patience

Through a regular practice of yoga and meditation, I have been given the opportunity to step away from myself in difficult moments to analyze everything that arises. I strive to turn every one of these moments into a lesson - a way to better myself. Today, my lesson was patience {and a little bit of learning how to better stand up for myself in the future}.

The Squishy Struggle

Some people call them love handles, and some people call it fat. My best friend Lorelei calls it her squish, and I call it my fluff. As a female yoga instructor with my current amount of fluff, it's hard to find a "community" to identify with. Let me explain...

Float on…

In all aspects of our lives, we as humans typically have a tough time just letting go, and it can cause us so much grief. One could argue that our struggling comes from that attachment...

The Lotus of Self Love

Up until this very moment, I have understood that I am a flawed human. However, I have been fortunate enough to learn one life changing fact - I am worthy of love.