Divine Femininity

I am woman. Divine feminine energy permeates every fiber of my being, and I am worthy of all the gifts the universe conspired to give me. I am the accumulation of billions of years of chance happenings and thought filled decisions. My body, my voice, and my energy are all small manifestations of all the things that brought me here to this moment in time.

What if this body is exactly the way it is supposed to be? I think yes. This body is beautiful. It has curves and curls and creases and freckles. Maybe I will add a splash of extra color every now and again through hair dye, tattoos, and glitter, but that does not mean it is less worthy of love. This body is capable of moving and wiggling and dancing and climaxing. It enjoys pleasure of all kinds and love in all kinds. This body is strong. This body has taken me on countless adventures and walked thousands of miles. This body has dealt with trauma and illness, and yet it is still capable of amazing things. This is a body of a goddess and it deserves to be worshiped {especially by me}.

What if this voice is meant for more than what I am using it for? I think yes. Although I tend to get in my own way, I am making the conscious effort to spread this voice far and wide. I know I am worthy of more opportunities to grow in my true calling, and the universe and I are cooperating to make it so. As a result, this voice is making a statement…

Let it be known that this is a call to action. You can shine your light and know that you are divine and deserving of all the good things in this universe. Give yourself the opportunity to love and worship {YOU}r goddess in the best way you know how. You are worthy. Let the world know it.


The light in me loves the light in you ❤



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