It is in the moments when we are a tangled up mess of arms, legs, and long, slow breaths in the middle of the night. I lay still to watch your chest rise and fall with each inhale and exhale, and wonder what fills your dreams. I feel safe in your strong arms as you shield me from the storms raging outside our bedroom window. I try to stay still to soak in this perfect moment because I know the minute I move, we will change to form a new shape. The second I move my leg, you open your eyes and tell me in a deep, scratchy, sleepy voice, “Tu eres mi vida” before hugging me in a little tighter and adjusting to a new position to sleep in.

It is in the moments when I am a complete mess of dirty hair and yoga pants, and you look at me as though I’ve spent hours getting a makeover. You tell me I’m beautiful in every outfit I wear, and I know you are saying it with sincerity. But your adoration doesn’t stop at looks. You compliment my physical strength and my determination. When I practice basic Spanish sentences to you, your face lights up as you say “My love, you are so intelligent.” You make me love myself in ways that I never thought possible.

It is in the moments when I am pouring my third glass of tea, and you gently kiss the nape of my neck as you wrap your arms around me. When we spend the first 30 minutes of every evening in each others arms, and your willingness to give me one more kiss after the million others I’ve requested just moments before. When you cradle my face in your hands to tell me how deeply you love me. Your ability to care for me no matter the scenario by simply holding me so I can soak up your warmth.

These moments, among the thousands in the days we’ve shared, let me know that our love is exactly what I’ve always needed and always will. You are the perfect addition to this crazy, stubborn, yogi. Your laugh, the real laugh that no everyone is privileged to, makes my heart overflow with love. You support me in all my aspirations and endeavors. You have helped me become the best I can possibly be. You are not just a “significant other” nor a “partner”. You are a lover. A lover of life, music, family, dancing, food, and most importantly – me. There are an innumerable amount of reasons why I love you. Though this list may change as we age and grow, I look forward to watching it grow with love.


Your lover ❤

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