The Squishy Struggle

Some people call them love handles, and some people call it fat. My best friend Lorelei calls it her squish, and I call it my fluff {I will use these terms interchangeably}. We all have different levels of fluff in our bodies. Some people have almost none and others have an abundance. I think the variety is what makes us humans so beautiful, and my heart explodes when I see someone embracing their body and celebrating those around them. However, as a female yoga instructor with my current amount of fluff, it’s hard to find a “community” to identify with. Let me explain…

If you were to go on Instagram right at this moment and look up popular yogis, you’d see an array of fit women and men doing all kinds of inspiring things. You would also see a collection of equally inspiring yogis with an abundance of fluff. These yogis have a ton of people who are drawn to them for a multitude of reasons-likely admiration or the ability to identify with that specific body type.The struggle with my level of squish is that I cannot fit in to either one of those extremes. Yes, I am strong, but I also have a thick layer of fluff surrounding my body. Therefore, I wouldn’t think most people would be inspired by my body and what I can do with it currently. On the flip side, I don’t have enough fluff to fit in with the other extreme. When I attempt to agree with people who talk about their love handles, they try to tell me I’m too skinny to understand. At this level of fluff, I’m not very inspiring to people who are fluffier than I am.

Now, I have to bring myself to answer the tough questions. Will I become less relatable if I start to build muscle and lose weight? Will I start to alienate people from yoga as I tone up? Will people stop listening to me when I tell them to love their bodies? I just don’t know. If you have any ideas, I have open ears.

As for now, I’ll continue to send out the same messages of self love. ❤

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