Consider my blog cherry popped…

We all have to face our fears at some point, right? If you would have asked me a year ago if I’d be writing this post right now, I’d probably laugh in your face as I ate a big chocolate cupcake. The differences now are that all the cupcake stores are closed for the day, and I have officially decided to face my fears by forcing myself to write. Wee!

I decided to write my first blog post on my fear of writing for two reasons: I love the irony, and I want to set the precedent that I will always be honest and open with my readers. Up until two years ago, I was conditioned to believe everything needed to be perfect. As a result, writing STRESSED ME OUT! I wish I could go back in time and figure out when exactly it was that I became so stressed out by writing. I’d go back and let myself know that written works don’t have to be perfect, and maybe I would have listened. It sure would have saved me a lot of long all-nighters writing  ten page research papers in college. What was I thinking signing up to be a history major?! Writing is pretty much all you do in that field, and it was just peachy (in spite of the fact that history is the best subject). But I digress..

I am following my #1 biggest life motto and I am starting a blog in spite of my fears. Why, you ask? Because I want to gift my future self the opportunity to look back five years from now and cringe at the positively ridiculous things I said while also realizing my growth as an individual. I imagine it will be similar to me looking back to pictures from my Myspace days when I wore gauchos. But who knows, I may end up looking back and be pleasantly surprised. Either way, I’m in this for the long haul.

As for this wonderful blog, I will write daily until I can easily write without difficulties, and then I’ll continue because I’m having fun. I sincerely hope you enjoy my journey as much as I know I will.


Tayler ❤

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